We’re all well connected

Divine connection is something you do for yourself that benefits all creation.


♦ ♦ ♦ ♦ ♦ ♦ ♦ 

Everything in existence—all beings and things—is united in universal consciousness as the sharing. Nothing and no one is excluded. The one consciousness individuated instances, or threads, of itself to explore basic concepts. Each instance created mini-instances of itself across space, time, and dimensional structure so that the sharing could experience itself in rich and varied ways. In our third dimensional world, we each house a portion of divine consciousness in our human forms.

When we recognize that we house divinity within ourselves, it is easier for us to understand our true purpose—to help the sharing experience itself in the third dimension, in love and joy. We do so when our human mind and our divine nature are in conscious cooperation. That knowing collaboration occurs when we are willing to open to the divinity within us, our sharing within.

When we experience life only through the perceptions of our body’s physical mind, we view life through separation consciousness. We fail to see or disregard our intrinsic divine connection, creating the belief that we and all other beings and things are separate from each other and from the divine. We think that we and others are innately flawed and broken, resulting in experiences of disappointment, resentment, disillusionment, fear, mistrust, anger, and lack. Life in separation consciousness is not fun.

When we recognize that we have divinity encoded within us, we acknowledge the divine connection of all beings and things—connection consciousness. Divine input illuminates and clarifies our everyday experiences, giving us a fresh perspective on life. We perceive the beauty and perfection inherent in ourselves and others. We believe all of creation is good and united in loving consciousness, leading to experiences of gratitude, appreciation, inspiration, joy, trust, happiness, and plenty. Life in connection consciousness is fun.

The tagline on our website reads DIY Divine Connection.  The idea is that everyone has the inborn ability to communicate directly with the divine through their sharing within. We all have a splinter of divinity housed within us, and it is simple and easy to learn to get in touch with it. Once we’ve mastered the basic technique, we don’t need a guru. The only teacher we need is encoded within us as our sharing within. We just need to be willing to practice connection with it daily, to experience more happiness and fun in everyday life.

Let’s spend a few minutes practicing connection with our inner divinity—our sharing within—right now. We will start by getting physically comfortable and focusing on our breath. We will let our breathing slow down and become steady and even.

As we do so, our attention will rest naturally in the center of our chest— near our heart—on our sharing within. We will visualize our sharing within as a sphere of glowing golden light, about the size of our hand. Every breath we take in feeds the light, helping it become bright and solid. Every exhalation distributes golden light from the sphere throughout our body and into our surroundings.

Each breath in and out is a blessing which we bestow on ourselves and all creation. The love that the sharing feels for itself and all its parts is consciously encoded in the golden light, and carried on our breath. As we breathe, we recognize the divinity within us and all creation. We sanctify the world with our breath.

In this space of loving divine consciousness which we help to create, all beings and things are equal and worthy. There are no mistakes, failures, or bad guys. There is only infinite loving consciousness expressing itself in myriad ways. All is beautiful; all is love; all is divine.

We will stretch out our hands together, in our mind’s eye, to the sharing in gratitude for the experience of conscious divine connection. In return, we will see a symbol drawn in light in our hands. This symbol is a reminder of the absolute love that connects us to the divine. We will cup our hands in front of us and inhale the symbol into the center of our chest, into the golden light of our sharing within, making it a permanent part of us.

We know that anytime we feel disconnected or mired in separation consciousness, we can recall the symbol glowing in our chest to refocus our experience into connection consciousness. We are emblazoned with the light of loving divine consciousness to help us remember who we truly are—divine, perfect, whole, and beautiful.

♦ ♦ ♦ ♦ ♦ ♦ ♦

Divinely unique and beautiful reader, how does it feel to be consciously connected to the divine? Please share…