Annoyance occurs with lack of balance.

Please reflect and share. How does this play out for you?

Annoyance seems to be part of the human condition. Most of our lives are overly busy and stressful. It’s easy to become irked when things don’t go our way or there are too many demands on us. We feel stressed and trapped and crabby.

Often a lack of balance is at the root of our annoyance. The incoming and outgoing portions of our personal equation don’t match. We’re drained by this imbalance and likely don’t feel able or willing to rectify it. Instead, we end up muscling through our challenges while also shouldering the weight of our resentment.

Today’s message advises me that if I feel annoyed, it’s time to identify where I can restore balance for myself. Self-care and/or improved boundaries may be indicated. Doing less, just being more frequently, and learning the fine art of the polite “no” can all help to restore my energetic balance. I prevent annoyance by tending to my own needs first.

How about you? What causes you to feel annoyed?