We live as we think.

Sometimes we bemoan our fate. Events going on around us—near and far—may even seem cruel. We can struggle to understand how and why life is as it is.

In feeling that life is harsh and doesn’t support us, we place ourselves at odds with existence. We resist what is and wish for something else instead. Our attention is centered on the lack of what we want.

The more we rub up against what’s happening, the more it bothers us. It can be like a mosquito bite we just can’t stop scratching. The more we do so, the worse it feels.

As long as our focus is on what’s irritating or paining us, we’re injecting energy and life into the scenario. We’re feeding the reality we don’t want to see.

That’s not to say we ignore difficult situations. But we can try to place them in perspective with the result of life, much of which is good. We can deal with the painful as we need to and then place our focus elsewhere.

Today’s message invites me to think about the life I want to experience. My mental focus attracts to me what I imagine and ponder.

Please reflect and share. What situation are you giving more attention to than is healthy for you?