I AM now

Yesterday is fresh in our memory. Yet what is memory other than that which we think occurred. Memory cannot record what we are unable or unwilling to perceive. Yesterday is a flawed illusion; do not dwell there.


Most of us dwell in the past—a lot. We frequently re-hash experiences, interactions, and conversations. We go over what we remember occurred, what we said, what others said, what we did, how we felt. Sometimes the memories are pleasant. Often they are not. It is so very easy to be addicted to re-living the past.

At any point in life, we can only experience what we are willing to perceive. Our perceptions are predicated by our beliefs and their consequent thoughts, so what we encounter in life is based on our beliefs. Much of our experience in third-dimensional reality is based on separation consciousness—the belief that we are separate from all other beings and things and separate from the divine, too. This belief results in an incomplete and usually unsatisfying perception of existence.

Re-living the past, we often focus on unhappy occurrences which arose from flawed perceptions of reality. In doing so, we reinforce limiting beliefs and help ensure that our present and future also will be similarly disappointing. This is a recipe for unhappiness.

Connection consciousness—the next step in the evolution of dimensional consciousness—recognizes the divine interconnection of all beings and things. All is unified divine consciousness: the sharing. When we are willing to expand our beliefs and acknowledge we are part of a divine whole, we allow for a different nature of experience, one that is freer, happier, and more fulfilling.

We house a splinter of divine consciousness in our human body; we are eternal. Time and space are merely illusions that help us make sense of our third-dimensional experience of perceived separation. Knowing we are timeless, the only now is relevant. When we are willing to experience the moment as perfectly as possible—perceiving through conjoined human and divine consciousness—we move into connection consciousness. Now is beautiful, rich, and satisfying.

Let’s put this into practice! The shared yet individuated nature of divine consciousness is represented within our human form in the rhythm of our breath. We can use breath to heighten our awareness of interconnection in the divine sharing as well as the perfection of being we embody.

We’ll begin by taking a deep breath in and letting it out with an audible sigh, consciously releasing any tensions or concerns. As we continue to breathe gently and evenly, on the inhale we will picture the divine whole vibrating with possibility in fertile darkness. On the exhale, we will visualize an explosion of light and potential into myriad forms. On the inhale, we and shared divinity pulse the word “I.” On the exhale, we and the infinite made manifest express the word “AM.”

Inhaling, “I.” Exhaling, “AM.” We’ll continue this pattern for a few breaths, feeling the peace and wonder of divine interconnection on the inhale, and sensing the exhilaration and unlimited potential of individuated being on the exhale. Inhaling, “I.” Exhaling, “AM.”

Now on the AM exhale, we’ll visualize divine consciousness streaming forth to house itself in unique and perfect human form—us. Inhaling, we will sense the serenity and wisdom of shared divinity in limitless, comforting darkness. Exhaling, we will feel light and divinity pouring into our human form, gracing us with perfection. We know that both parts of our being—divine and human—are in balance and cooperation, helping us experience now in connection consciousness.

For a few more breaths, we will bask in the sensation of being both shared conscious divinity and embodied divine co-creator. Inhaling, “I (divine connection)”. Exhaling, “AM (perfect being).”  We are love incarnate in human form, expressing itself in a dance through life right now.

Divinely unique and beautiful reader, how does it feel to be both divine and human? Please share…