Prioritize family and home.

Holidays can result in craziness. We may be in a whirlwind regarding all the of trappings of the holidays. Cooking, decorating, writing cards, buying gifts, attending or holding parties—we can become wrapped up in the outward manifestations of the season.

But the inner meaning of the holidays, regardless of your religious beliefs, non-beliefs, or cultural background, are what we may wish to prioritize. Ensuring our homes are safe and comfortable for us and our loved ones and connecting with and caring for those near and dear to us—let’s not forget ourselves in that list—might be our best focus.

We may get an adrenaline rush of pushing through crowds to find just the perfect present, but it won’t likely be long-lasting. Enhancing our closeness with family—blood family or family of choice—and generating a happy and sane home environment is likely to have a longer-term impact on our lives.

When we get past a focus on consumption and switch to a focus on connection, we are more likely to enhance joy in and around us.

Today’s message asks me to keep my awareness centered on well-being of family and home. When my love expands and fills my environment and shelters my loved ones, I am honoring the real meaning of the holidays.

Please reflect and share. What deeper meaning do the holidays hold for you?