Productive versus creative.

There’s a lot of emphasis in our society, particularly in the workplace, on being productive. Grinding and working overtime is romanticized. We may brag about how long we work or how much we accomplish.

In school, we’re taught to follow rules, fit in, and work in teams. Education, in part, prepares us to be good and dutiful workers.

There’s less focus on being creative. We may take creative writing or art classes as part of our general education, but they’re often seen as outside of the core curriculum.

Productivity uses us as a tool to accomplish an end goal, which may often not be of our own choosing. Creativity leverages our talents in less customary ways, allowing us to express ourselves uniquely.

Productivity emphasizes end results and efficiency; creativity showcases innovation and personal vision.

Today’s message invites me to value my creativity more than my productivity. While productivity may generate a dopamine rush of satisfaction for me, creativity will allow me to externalize my soul in ways that support longer term happiness.

Please reflect and share. Are you more often productive or creative?