Gifts arrive when we are open to receive them.

Please reflect and share. How does this play out for you?

We mostly have a good idea of what we want from life. Often we feel disappointed because our wishes haven’t materialized. The gap between reality and ideal can seem wide.

We may long for a romantic partner, better job, more money, health, children, or close friendships. We have, we believe, a clear vision of what our dream would be like, but may feel frustrated because it hasn’t come to pass. After all, we’ve taken steps to achieve our goal and we’re ready and willing for it to become reality. But are we really?

Subconscious beliefs can cause us to send mixed messages to creation about what we want and are ready to accept. We may yearn for something and also feel we’re underserving. A deep-seated unconscious belief that our dream isn’t good for us can result in us unthinkingly pushing it away. Fear of success can block our path to achieving it. If our goals seem elusive, we may wish to review our interstate for self-limiting beliefs.

Today’s message reminds me I must create space in my life to receive. The fewer limitations I place on myself and life, consciously and or subconsciously, the easier it is to manifest my desires. My capacity to receive is based on my willingness to do so.