Life is like gardening. Choose what you want to grow and tend it faithfully.

Please reflect and share. How does this play out in your life?

Many of us have a fairly clear idea of what we want out of life. But we often may react to life events rather than choosing our experiences. This can lead to us having a life that is often other than what we might wish.

When we treat crafting our life like gardening, we will find richer and more satisfying experiences. We start by preparing the soil, or working through any personal issues that might block us reaching our dreams. After selecting our seeds, we plant them carefully, visualizing in detail the nature and specifics of a good life and taking regular practical actions in that direction. We water faithfully with happy and cheerful emotions and weed out negativity, apathy, and distractions. Finally, we harvest gratefully, savoring the banquet of experiences we’ve brought to fruition.

Today’s message advises me that having a good life requires my focus and regular tending. Selecting what I want to reap, protecting my vision, and tending my hopes and desires will help ensure my life is verdant and fruitful. I grow the life I want to choosing, focusing on, and acting to nurture my dreams.

How about you? Do you curate your life?