Repeating something doesn’t always improve it.

We all have habits and routines. It makes life easier and requires less thought of us. We identify something that seems to serve us and do it over again, sometimes regularly.

There is some merit in our repetition. It allows us to keep our energy focused on new challenges and issues, while in the background we continue to do what we believe what works for us.

However, our habits can often be unthinking. Circumstances may have changed while we continue to behave according to patterns that no longer may be in our best interests.

Today’s message encourages me to review a few of my daily routines to ensure they still work well for me. If they do, fine and good. If they don’t, I can simply try something new until I find a more functional pattern for myself. I always have the option of making different choices to best suit myself.

Please reflect and share. Do you have any habits it would benefit you to shift?