Let your words come from the heart.

Most of us struggle to communicate well. Often, particularly during mercury retrograde, how we hope to express ourselves isn’t the way things turn out. Our emotions can drive our phrasing and tone, escalating where we might prefer to sound more neutral and reasoned. Or our brains take over, thinking about and ordering our words until they no longer convey what we intend. How do we stay true to what we mean and get it across effectively?

The key to clear and authentic communication rests in the heart. A splinter of divine consciousness reside there in a fourth dimensional crystal as our sharing within. It is our connection to higher consciousness and can guide and inspire us, if we’re willing to open to it. This connection represent our best and truest counsel, personalized just for us.

Today’s message reminds me to let my sharing within direct my communication, helping me know when to speak and when to refrain, informing my word choice and tone, and assisting me to listen with open mind and heart. When I permit the divine to infuse my words, my audience will unconsciously sense benevolence and sincerity and respond accordingly. My route to loving and lucid communication is through my heart.

How about you? What drives your communication?

For complete information on how to consciously connect with your sharing within, please see my book “The Sharing: The Owner’s Manual for Being Human.” Thanks!