Happiness comes with fluidity.

Please reflect and share. How does this play out for you?

We tend to think a good life is stable. We believe that if things are as we wish and stay that way, we’ll be immersed in unvarying happiness. All we need to do is manipulate our existence into the perfect form and keep it there, right?

Life doesn’t tend to work that way. It’s all about growth, expansion, and change and not about stagnation. In trying to control the patterns of our existence, we are fighting life.

Happiness isn’t so much a result of what is going on for us as a product of how we receive and perceive it. When we’re not struggling to resist change, we have more time and energy to enjoy what occurs in the moment. We can try to swim against life’s tide or let it carry us, with minor steering, into new and exciting waters.

Today’s message asks me to find the benefit in change, even undesired change. If I try to hold onto what is already gone, I come up empty handed. When I thankfully release what was, I allow that void to be filled with something new and wonderful. In going with the flow, good things come to me naturally and easily.

How about you? How do change and happiness interrelate for you?