Explore your fears.

We all have things, situations, and people we shy away from. They may make us feel uncomfortable. We may have had bad experiences with them in the past. Or they may rouse fear in us, perhaps even fear we don’t understand.

As a result of our aversion, we block out options from our realm of possibility. This might be a good thing. If we know shellfish makes us miserably sick, we may not want to eat it again.

But when we have fears for reasons we don’t entirely understand, we may want to explore our psyche a bit. After all, if someone else told us we couldn’t do something and refused to explain why, we’d likely bridle at their restriction on us. Yet, we sometimes allow fear to limit us without knowing the precise reason.

When we get into a safe and relaxed space and dialog with the fearful part of ourselves or perhaps even the fear itself, we can gain increased understanding of our motivations and limitations. With this additional knowledge, we can make conscious decisions about what is and isn’t good for us, rather than having knee-jerk reactions.

Today’s message invites me to do interna work when fear unaccountably stops me from doing something. Proceeding with the action may or may not be in my best interests, but it will always be helpful to understand why some part of me wants to put on the brakes.

Please reflect and share. What unreasoning fear do you have?