The more we like the happier we are.

We all have likes and dislikes. Certain people, situations or things can either please or displease us. As long as we like what’s going on around or in us, we tend to be happy.

But we also are likely to be unhappy when things aren’t going our way. Being around folks who annoy us, being stuck in situations that aren’t to our liking, or having things that don’t meet our expectations can cause us to feel dissatisfied or even downright miserable.

And sometimes truly awful situations confront us. Our unhappy reactions to them feel natural and appropriate. However, often the things that bring up unhappiness in us are on much smaller scale. They’re not life-changing dilemmas, but merely uncomfortable or annoying circumstances.

Because we believe we dislike what’s going on, we feel unhappy. But what if we could allow ourselves to feel neutral about the situation or perhaps even like some aspect of it? How might that choice affect our happiness?

Today’s message reminds me that my evaluations of the people, things, and events around me cause my happiness or unhappiness. When I can regularly accept and even choose to like what happens in my life, I am happier more of the time.

Please reflect and share. How might your judgments affect your happiness?