Always enough time.

Many of us struggle with time. Sometimes it seems like there’s never enough of it. Other times, it seems to drag on.

We may spend a good bit of energy thinking about time. And our thoughts, which are often charged with heightened emotion, send a clear message to Creation about what we expect to experience.

“I’ll never get this finished on deadline.” Guess, what? That’s likely true if it is a firm belief.

“This is taking forever.” The more we reinforce that belief, the longer it will take.

All of this is particularly amusing, as time is an artificial construct. It only exists in lower dimensional awareness to help reinforce separation consciousness. In higher dimensions of consciousness, the eternal nature and simultaneity of existence prevails.

So, when we fret about time, we’re actually getting upset about something arbitrary and imaginary.

Today’s message reminds me to not get too attached to a sense of time. When I’m happy in the moment, that’s what really matters.

Please reflect and share. What is your relationship with time?