Minimize what saps your spirit.

There are activities and folks who energize us and some that do the reverse. Certain situations can leave us exhausted. Contact with some individuals drains us.

The first part of wisdom is to recognize and understand what builds us up and what doesn’t. The second part of wisdom is finding a way to lessen our energetic investment in things and interactions that aren’t healthy for us. The third part of wisdom is to not be affected by others’ disapproval or disappointment in our choices.

When we orient ourselves to pursuits and interactions that feed our spirits, we build joy in our lives. By limiting our time spent on taxing situations and individuals to only those interactions we feel are mandated by our personal integrity, we should hopefully come up with a way of life that gives us a positive energetic reservoir.

Today’s message invites me to be discerning about aligning to healthy thoughts, actions, and interactions. When I curate how I spend my time, I love myself more fully.

Please reflect and share. Are you willing to let go of draining activities and interactions?