Wish carefully.

Wishing is a powerful manifestation tool. It usually involves detailed visualization combined with a strong feeling component. The emotional connection to our subconscious mind adds oomph to our imagining, helping to place a specific order in the quantum field.

This process is neutral. It’s like placing an order in a restaurant. You’re likely to get what you requested.

That means we need to be thoughtful when we wish in regard to others. If we think lovingly of someone who’s ill and wish them well, Creation takes note.

The Universe also responds when we wish someone we dislike misfortune. In either case, the strength of our emotion adds energy to our visualization, making it more likely to come into being.

Today’s message reminds me to keep my imagery around others positive. When I use visualization to bless others, thanks to divine interconnection I bless myself as well.

Please reflect and share. Do you curate your thoughts of others?