Food is energy.

We eat to live. Our bodies need sustenance to survive. So, we require regular caloric intake to meet our bodies’ needs. At least that’s the idea in theory.

For most of us, food is far more complex. We eat because we enjoy the taste and texture. Eating is also a reward for some of us. For others it is a stress release.

Based on our self-image and level of self-discipline, we may also punish ourselves or indulge in self-destructive behavior by eating unhealthily—either to little or too much food or calories will little or no nutritional value.

The underlying energy of how we choose what and when and how much we eat also imbues our food’s effects on our bodies. When we have negative energy around our eating habits, the food we eat won’t be beneficial for us. Conversely, consuming food with healthy nutritional content from a positive mindset will have an optimal effect on our bodies.

Today’s message suggests i be aware of both what I eat and how I think and feel around food consumption. They quality of my physical presence on Earth relies on what and how I choose to eat.

Please reflect and share. What energy do you bring to the dinner table?