Order what you want.

It’s common for us to feel we need to take what life delivers. At best, we may feel life is a cafeteria with somewhat limited menu options.

We may be afraid to imagine or hope for our desires because we fear that will only lead to disappointment. If we dream small, we may reason, we are less likely to be let down.

The quantum universe of Creation responds to us. It has to. We’re inseparable from the rest of all being and things, so our thoughts, dreams, and visualizations must have an impact on what we have and experience.

What if we looked upon life as having a menu that we could customize? What if we could add our favorite entrees, sides, and desserts to that menu? What if we could have whatever we want?

Today’s message invites me to dream big. The chance of getting exactly what I want is surely worth any possible risk of not receiving it. And I certainly won’t realize my dream if I don’t place an order with Creation.

Please reflect and share. Are you bold enough to ask life for exactly what you want?