Distractions are sometimes beneficial.

Sometimes we’re good, really good, at focusing on a task. We can get wrapped up in it to the exclusion of the rest of life.

This can be useful when we need to get something done to deadline. It can be problematic when we use busyness to distract us from personal issues. We may also fail to invest ourselves in important relationships when we’re wrapped up in what we’re doing.

Events may occur to break our laser beam focus. We’re likely annoyed by the interruption and resent anyone involved. But sometimes the break is exactly what we need.

Perhaps we’ve been focusing on something that isn’t in our best interest. Time away from the task may help us understand.

Perhaps we’ve been shorting our self-care in our singular focus. An interruption offers us an opportunity to tend to ourselves.

And perhaps we need a reminder to balance our priorities. Usually, except in emergencies, there is nothing so important that we can’t shift away from it for a minute or two.

Today’s message advises me to keep my focus balanced. Many aspects of my life are important, and I can keep my priorities sane by allowing myself to be distracted from time to time.

Please reflect and share. When has a distraction worked to your advantage?