It may not be wrong, just different.

Most of us have clear ideas of what we think is right and wrong. This relates for us to both morality and reality.

We usually have a strong sense of what we believe is moral and ethical. We also may tend to feel we have a good take on what is and isn’t real or factual.

Strangely enough, there often are plenty of other folks who believe and think differently. Their idea of what’s good and just or true and accurate differs from ours.

How can that be? Surely, we know what’s what and they must be confused or wrong-headed.

Reality and morality are very personal takes on existence and how it does and should work. They differ among individuals.

Even our own view of them can change and shift as we encounter different experiences and influences. So, our own sense of what’s true and right is fluid, shifting as we encounter different aspects of life.

When this happens, were we wrong before and are we right now? Or have we simply altered our beliefs and thoughts in a way that now feels more appropriate to us?

Today’s message invites me to soften my vision of what’s right and true to be more inclusive, both for myself and for others. If I can change my mind and heart over time, surely others can too. Is it possible we are all somehow right, just in different ways?

Please reflect and share. What long-held belief is shifting for you presently?