Permit yourself to wander.

We often hear that focus is key to success. We may try to keep our thoughts carefully shepherded toward our goals. If our minds wander, we may corral them back onto our narrow path to what we want.

This strategy will work at least a good portion of the time. But if our plans aren’t coming together well, keeping our focus tightly on a non-working approach may not be effective.

When we’re stuck—emotionally, physically, mentally, or spiritually—it may be helpful to let ourselves wander. Daydreaming can provide subconscious input into our conscious mind. Our intuition can come through more strongly to inspire us when our mind is relaxed.

Even the act of wandering physically by either walking or driving without a predetermined route may bring new ideas to us. Certainly, it can provide much needed relaxation.

Today’s message invites me to lose my usual physical routes and emotional, mental, and spiritual patterns. By loosening my tether to the customary, I invite in the extraordinary.

Please reflect and share. When was the last time you allowed yourself a nice, long daydream?