Abundance is ours.

We tend to think of abundance in monetary terms. How well off are we financially? How much money do we have left over when the bills are paid?

And while ample funds are certainly part of abundance, they are only one part. Abundance, as my passed cat Shaman reminds me frequently, is so much more.

Abundance also can be:

  • rich and varied life experiences
  • loving, supportive, respectful, and balanced relationships
  • creativity and the means to express it
  • new ways of thinking and feeling
  • health and well-being
  • freedom to be yourself
  • peace of mind

Today Shaman reminds me that in recognizing the many forms of abundance in my life and greeting them gratefully, I invite abundance to visit my life frequently. I am rich beyond imagining in my everyday life!

Please reflect and share. What abundance are you grateful for today?