Let your words have meaning.

Most of us talk regularly with others. Many of us have a lot to say. Unfortunately, frequently our words are filler for dead air. They often don’t express much of real importance to us.

When we participate in gossip or small talk, we’re simply filling time with words, words that won’t achieve much of anything. It’s the conversational equivalent of junk food. It may satisfy us on some level, but it won’t nurture us.

Complaining is similar. We may feel the need to be heard–and that’s okay if we’re relatively brief–but our complaints likely won’t change a thing. In fact, we may reinforce the pattern of events we don’t like but putting personal energy and heightened emotion into discussing it.

Conversely, we can have meaningful conversations with others. We can recount factually what’s going on in our lives. We can discuss how we feel about it and what we plan to do.

We also can talk about ideas that capture our imagination, facts that fascinate us, and dreams we want to nurture. We can speak passionately about concepts and situations that inspire us.

When we engage in conversations of this ilk, we’re share ourselves with others in a meaningful way. We also listen compassionately, hoping others will also share in a similar fashion.

Today’s message invites me to ditch small talk and complaints. When my words express what is significant to me, I share my soul with the world.

Please reflect and share. How many of your conversations are meaningful?