Try a different context.

My cat Angelica often harasses me when I’m on the computer. She can be napping peacefully, but once she hears the keyboard clicking, she’s pawing at me determinedly.

I have a small pouch on a rawhide string that I dangle for her with one hand while I type or mouse with the other hand. It works to distract her for a while, but eventually she will not be denied. I need to break off my computer time to give her attention.

Today I tried dangling the string and pouch slightly into my garbage can. Instant purring and fascination ensued. The slight switch in context made the old toy suddenly quite interesting.

It strikes me this is a metaphor for humans too. If we’re feeling bored or out of sorts, perhaps we just need to take our conception of what is and place it in a different context. Seen with fresh eyes, our lives may appear satisfying and captivating.

Today’s message invites me to view my everyday life a bit differently. Seen from a new perspective, its wonder and richness will shine out clearly.

Please reflect and share. What part of your life might you view from a new angle?