Universal thumbs up

We all get messages all the time from Creation. Sometimes we notice them and sometimes we don’t.

The messages can be dramatic and negative, like a sudden sinking feeling in our stomach or the hair standing up on the back of our neck. Or they may be subtle and negative, a general sense of edginess or an unreasoning dislike of someone.

They may also be positive, and either dramatic or subtle. We may feel overwhelmingly positive about a new venture or simply feel unexplainedly happy.

In addition to internal messages, we may also receive external ones. The external ones may be more readily ignored as simple coincidence, but they are messages all the same.

We may see repetitive numbers, like 11:11 on a digital clock. Or we may see cardinal birds or hear a forgotten song on the radio. Or we may be distracted and miss our intended turnoff when driving, thereby avoiding an upcoming accident.

It pays to be receptive to these messages, internal or external. They’re our hints and clues, crib notes for life. Sometimes we may be directed away from someone or something that isn’t healthy for us. Other times we may simply be getting affirmation that we’re on the right path, a thumbs up from Creation.

Today’s message encourages me to be open to and aware of universal messaging. Creation is conspiring to bless me and it does so, in part, by giving me useful information.

Please reflect and share. What signs do you get when you’re on the right path?