Clear the decks!

Most of us enter the holiday season with expectations—for ourselves, for others, for what the season might bring. We usually have a movie in our heads of how our holidays might play out.

That vision is based on past experience and emotion. We have hopes that the holidays will be enjoyable, that the presents we give will be well received. We may fear getting together with some family members or friends, possibly anticipating conflict.

We’re looking forward to seasonal goodies while simultaneously worrying about gaining weight. We may be wistful and sad about those who are no longer present to celebrate with us, whether due to death or estrangement.

All in all, we bring our expectations into the holidays, weighing us down with presentiment. If we’re willing to let go of ideas about what might be, if we can just take everything as it comes and find something to enjoy or appreciate in the experience, we will find it easier to be joyful during the holidays.

Today’s message invites me to lose all expectations about the holiday season. When I lighten my emotional load, I’m freer to enjoy the blessings of the season.

Please reflect and share. What expectations around the holidays might you benefit from dropping?