Do it by degrees.

Many of us have resolutions for the New Year. We have ideas and plans we want to implement, likely around self-improvement.

Some of us may already have given up on our goals. Others of us may still be persisting. One thing is certain, long-term change requires sustained effort.

We may ambitiously have decided to be stern with ourselves. We may have decided to hit the ground running. This level of upgraded effort can be difficult to keep up over time.

If instead we choose to be a bit gentle with ourselves, we can attempt incremental changes. We can master one small goal and then attempt another, building toward a larger-scale change.

If we’ve already set our resolution aside having found it too hard, we can reattempt it at any time. Choosing to divide it up into little achievable chunks can help us make progress over time.

If we’re still working at our resolution, we can elect to maintain a doable pace, knowing that we will eventually achieve our bigger goal.

Today’s message advises me to nurture myself as I attempt change. Little wins will bring me to larger accomplishments.

Please reflect and share. How might an incremental approach help you stick with your resolutions?