Remind yourself to breathe.

Many of us get caught up in the holiday rush. We bustle about with holiday activities, some of which are optional and others of which are not.

Our hurrying and fretting about what we still need to do can leave us feeling frazzled. We’re irritated and stressed and trying not to be because we’re supposed to be full of the holiday spirit.

We may long for respite—a full day of sleeping in, kick-back time on the sofa, a long outdoor walk, mood-altering substance consumption, a TV binge watch. But all of that takes time, time we don’t feel we have.

We forget that we have one natural process which, consciously performed, can help us feel better almost immediately. We simply need to take a couple of minutes and mindfully breathe.

Closing our eyes, slowing down the rhythm of our breath—nice deep and steady inhales, long and easy exhales. Try it. Try it right now!

Today’s message reminds me that stress relief is just a breath or two away. I can breathe out stress and irritation and breathe in peace and evenness. That does feel good.

Please reflect and share. Do you use breath to relax yourself?