Allow yourself to be wowed.

Technology has afforded us increasingly levels of entertainment. Movies have spectacular special effects. We listen to music in surround sound. Our vehicles are internet connected and have heated steering wheels and custom adjustable seats. Technology can and does address almost all of our needs and whims.

And yet, somehow it can all feel empty. We may find ourselves wanting some intangible something more.

In being overstimulated, we may have lost our capacity for wonderment. Our ability to be in awe of everyday life has dulled.

It may require a conscious effort to notice the little everyday miracles. A butterfly in your back yard, the smell of ozone in the air with a thunderstorm, your favorite song in the grocery store Muzak, a check that arrives in the mail just when you need it most—all these are worthy of your attention, awe, and appreciation.

Today’s message invites me to look at life in general from a state of bewonderment. When I’m ready to unleash my inner wow at the drop of a hat, I will find my life to be quite magical.

Please reflect and share. What wonderful thing have you recently experienced?