It all averages out.

We tend to remember the high points and low points in our lives most vividly. And perhaps we can call the difficult days to mind more readily. It’s human nature.

We may blame ourselves and our choices for the bad and try to figure out how to make more of the good happen. We hope to avoid the hard times and maximize the wonderful times.

The rest of the time, we may not think on much at all. But the average days represent the bulk of our lives. This is where we live most of the time.

It’s important to remember that a life filled only with a little agony and a lot of ecstasy would be exhausting. The dramatic lows and highs would drain us. We need time to rest, relax, and live a relatively comfortable life.

To do so means we’re present in the moment, not lost in either regret or anticipation. We enjoy what we have right now, savoring the good that the day brings.

Today’s message invites me to enjoy the beauty and richness of average days. The more I can do so, the more love and fulfillment I’ll find in life.

Please reflect and share. Are you satisfied with your average days?