Predetermine less.

Most of us crave a certain level of certainty about ourselves, our inner workings, and our interactions in the world. We feel comfortable knowing that some things are a given.

“I will always prefer chocolate to vanilla. “I’ll always love you.” “Friends and family are always there for me.” “I’d never ever consider killing someone. “I just prefer dogs to cats.” “I’ve always enjoyed good health.”

The problem is, sometimes these assumptions aren’t unfailingly true. When they’re not, we’re often shocked and disappointed.

If we’re a bit more flexible in our ideas of how we and our lives work, we’re more likely to be prepared for surprises. It’s not to say that we should anticipate disappointment or disaster, just that we should expect the unexpected.

Today’s message invites me to use the words never and always less often, in either thoughts or speech. When I’m a bit more open to whatever may come, the ups and downs in life feel more adventurous and less calamitous.

Please reflect and share. What major assumption in life are you willing to reconsider?