Try assuming the best

In uncertain situations, we may be inclined to assume the worst possible outcome. The lack of clarity can make us feel uneasy and therefore fearful.

Our fear goes directly to treating the most negative result as inevitable This way of thinking robs us of our power and creativity. We’re then less able to handle whatever does actually occur.

But what if we assumed the best possible outcome. Yes, we might be wrong and therefore disappointed. But our discomfort would engage only after a negative result actually happened.

And we might be right, or at least partially right. In that case, we’d have the power of our positivity to fuel our efforts and imagination. We’d feel better while we were waiting to see what actually occurred, and we’d be in a better mindset to eventually deal with it.

Today’s message reminds me that assuming the best is a healthy habit. My vision of a positive outcome buoys my mood and creativity and helps me manifest a more desirable result.

Please reflect and share. Are you inclined to assume the worst?