Take time to absorb.

We like to think of voluntary change as a continuous process. We envision a general upward trend eventually culminating in our goal.

Except, life doesn’t tend to work that way. There are unexpected occurrences. Other priorities intrude. And we need time to absorb partial change before we can progress.

Without space for contemplation and digestion of the shift so far, we won’t be firmly positioned for further change. We need time to be ready for more alteration.

This is similar to breathing. We can’t simply and continuously inhale. We need to exhale and then inhale again. We have to assimilate what we’ve taken in and release what we don’t need before we can take on more.

Today’s message reminds me that just like my two cats who are adjusting to each other, I too need time and space for further change. When I allow the shift to be organic, it will happen more easily and completely.

Please reflect and share. What shift do you need to absorb before moving forward?