Inside out.

Many of us are concerned about the impression we make on others. We care about how the world views us.

We watch our weight, exercise, eat healthy, and drink plenty of water. And these are all good things for our general physical well-being. But sometimes they are important to us because we want to look attractive to others.

We’re also concerned about how others perceive our mental and physical abilities. We want to appear strong, confident, and competent.

We may somehow feel that if we look good to others, it will make us happier and give us a better life. While it is nice to have the approval of others, it isn’t vital to our well-being.

What is critical to our happiness is our own approval of ourselves. How we feel about ourselves colors every single moment of our lives. When we’re happier with ourselves, we have an overall happier life.

Today’s message reminds me that feeling good about myself is an inside job. When I approve of myself, I don’t feel the need for approval from others.

Please reflect and share. How do you derive your sense of self-worth?