Find another way.

Sometimes we feel stuck or stymied. It can seem the harder we try to make something work, the less it does.

We get angry and our frustration can lead us to keep trying the same thing. Surely, persistence will pay off.

And yet, repeated similar efforts just don’t succeed. Our determination can lead us to be hyper focused on making our chosen solution pan out.

We are, in truth, stuck, but largely because we only see one way to make things work. Frustration is blocking our creative problem-solving skills.

When we pause, take a breath, and allow ourselves to consider other options, we’re more likely to find a solution that can and will work.

Today’s message invites me to be open to alternative ways of getting things done. When I release my attachment to a chosen method, I will more easily find success.

Please reflect and share. What current situation would benefit from a shift in your strategy?