Connect with life.

After the social distancing accompanying COVID, we’re all more keenly aware of our personal connections. We know what it feels to be apart. Sometimes it’s restful and sometimes it’s downright lonely.

We’ve all found ways to stay more closely connected with others. We’re trying to get out and about when we can. Social media has provided a route to keeping in touch with others’ lives. Facetime and video chat and meetings allow us to see and speak with others from a distance, keeping our personal bonds strong.

We’ve taken a greater interest in our pets. They helped us stay sane during our isolation. Many of us adopted pets during the last couple of years. We learned the value of the companionship of other species.

We can expand our perception of connection yet further. The birds and squirrels who frequent our yards bring live entertainment and a chance to forge new bonds. Our houseplants and gardens offer us new opportunities to care and coexist.

Even the food we eat was at one time alive. We can honor the life force our comestibles bring to us with our gratitude.

Today’s message invites me to take the opportunity to connect with all aspects of existence, whether living or non-living, whether inside of me or in my environment. We are all one and more conscious connection with all existence expands my awareness, safety, and freedom.

Please reflect and share. How might you expand your consciousness to connect with more of existence?