Age brings grace.

Our culture often idolizes youth. Magazines show us firm young bodies and unlined faces. Fashion tends to be designed for youthful figures.

Yet, age is seriously underrated. Yes, as we age our bodies don’t behave or react as they did when we were younger. And self-care has become an ever-increasing routine.

But with age, we gain wisdom. We’ve learned to be more patient. We’ve seen more of life, giving us the opportunity to cultivate greater tolerance and acceptance. We’ve become seasoned.

The same is true of pets. Older cats and dogs (and other pets, too) become increasingly affectionate and elegant. Often, they don’t have the zip and ease of movement they did in their prime, but they’ve gained a gentle and commanding presence.

Likewise, beloved possessions improve with age. That favorite pilled sweater with the frayed cuffs. A pair of pajamas worn and laundered into extreme comfortableness. The piece of pottery from our mother, now chipped but full of happy memories.

Today’s message reminds me to cherish the finer qualities I and others have developed with age. Age refines all of us, a gift worthy of gratitude.

Please reflect and share. How have you grown over the years?