Notes From The Unknown: Day 89

Affinity is the way in which we experience connection with others.

Please discuss. How does this play out in life?

I’ll start us out. Sometimes we encounter someone with whom we feel simpatico. We may share a religion, a life philosophy, a hobby, political beliefs, similar life experiences. Regardless of the shared commonality, we feel a bond with that individual. They may be a friend of a friend, a new coworker, a member of our church or social group, a seemingly chance encounter, a pet, or even an untamed creature who frequents our environment. There is a compelling attraction between us based on shared elements of our individual energetic signatures. This affinity is often energizing and inspiring, bringing out the best aspects in both individuals.

Today’s message reminds me to be open and receptive to potential new connections and to broaden my concept of affinity. In a time when so many reported and experienced events reflect an awareness of the separations between us, I need to focus my perceptions on the commonalities among us. We are all doing as best we can; we all wish to enjoy a free and happy life; we are all essential parts of a greater creation, a divine interconnected whole.

When I shift my attention to acknowledge the affinity I share with the rest of existence—one experience at a time, in whatever way I can recognize similarities and consonances—the nature of my encounters and existence changes. This is how I can uplift the world, one moment and interaction at a time.

How about you? How do you choose to see your connections with others?

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