Listen to what you say.

We all offer advice to other folks from time to time, some of us more than others. Sometimes the advice is asked for and sometimes not.

It may be based on our own past experience or on information we’ve researched. Mostly, we offer good advice. At least in our own opinion it consists of worthy suggestions.

Some of our advice is welcomed. Other times, it may fall on deaf ears. If we’re too pushy with our suggestions, we may exasperate our audience.

Here’s the interesting bit. The advice we give is often advice we need to take. When we suggest someone may need to pay more attention to hydration, it’s likely that we’re not drinking enough water ourselves.

So, when we offer advice, we need to pay close attention to our words. They’re also guidance on how we can improve our own situation.

Today’s message suggests I may wish to heed my own words. When I give advice, I’m telling myself how to have a better life. Any effect my suggestions make on others is secondary.

Please reflect and share. What advice might you offer yourself?