Balanced activity.

Finding a balance between work and relaxation can be difficult. Sometimes we may feel lazy or unmotivated. Other times we may try to be a superhero.

While activity cycles are subject to outside influences like how sunny it is, career demands, social schedules, holidays, etc., we’re also affected by our health, moods, thoughts, and beliefs.

Many of us may try to overdo and then crash, requiring us to have a larger chunk of unplanned down time. We may mistakenly think we’re machines rather than living beings who need recovery time to function well.

Down time in and of itself is good, but sharp cycles of work and then exhaustion aren’t healthy. In our quest to get lots of things done, we may lessen our overall productivity and negatively impact our health, too. It costs us more effort to go through a sharp cycle of up time and down time.

Good self-care involves balancing our schedule with both work time and play or relaxation time, We love ourselves enough to know that we’ll feel and do our best when we keep our activity levels balanced.

Today’s message reminds me that moderation of activity is a good long-term lifestyle strategy. When I accomplish things that I’m passionate about AND care for myself with healthy diet, exercise, and adequate rest, my life is abundant in all ways.

Please reflect and share. Are you good at knowing when and how much to rest?