Notes From The Awareness: 149

How do you prepare for something? Do you worry or do you visualize positively?

Please discuss. How does this play out in life?

I’ll start us out. We all have goals we wish to attain or upcoming events we hope will go the way we want them to. We do our best to perform the physical actions we believe are needed to bring our desired result about, but we may, in our busyness, forget to make our mental and emotional preparations, too. In fact, getting our mind and heart aligned on our target are key and can help drive us to take effective steps toward our goal while avoiding any self-created pitfalls.

Whether we worry and imagine negative outcomes or positively visualize our end goal, either way we add energy to the equation capable of affecting the outcome. If all parts of us are not in harmony, we may unconsciously sabotage our own effort or take inappropriate actions. It’s vital for our success that all the energy and effort we direct to our goal, whether conscious or subconscious, be congruent.

Today’s message reminds me not to take steps to my goals out of order. Visualizing is a form of energetic planning, and it is just as important for me as lists and logistics. It sets the tone and direction for all my actions to follow. Holding a clear and consistent image of how my aim will look—and perhaps more importantly—feel, I can engage all parts of myself to work cooperatively to achieve it. Advance positive visualization helps me be all in.

How about you? What part, if any, does visualization play in your preparations?