Notes From The Unknown: Day 107

Pretending to be something can be an antidote to emotional stagnation or paralysis.

Please discuss. How does this play out in life?

I’ll start us out. For a variety of reasons, we may feel we need to shift ourselves. It may be that life has changed around us and we are forced to alter ourselves in response. This has happened with disturbing frequency in 2020. Or it may be that we want to improve our lifestyle/life experience and recognize the process begins inside us.

Whatever the impetus, we know we need to be doing something else. Often this seems daunting and we may delay making the change for emotional reasons. When this occurs, we can jump start our metamorphosis by pretending it already has occurred. When we act as if, we can fool others and possibly ourselves, too. The feigned shift will help us form new habits and ways of being. The pretense will get us over the emotional hump and onto the path of a better life.

Today’s message reminds me not to wait for certain conditions to be met before shifting my life. If I confidently behave as if the desired change already has occurred, I significantly improve the likelihood that it will. Positive pretense is like sourdough starter; it’s the magical ingredient needed for transformation. Soon the actuality will replace the act.

How about you? How do you impel yourself to change?