Courage is the first step.

Most of us have something we’d like to achieve, something we haven’t even tried yet. We likely are afraid that we may not succeed.

We may worry about not having the time, effort, and resources needed to reach our goal. We may feel uncertain that we have what it takes personally to get there.

What if we don’t achieve what we want? What will that say about us? We don’t want to feel we are a failure. So, we may put off starting toward our dream.

Failure could be painful. Regret certainly is. If we don’t try, we stand zero chance of succeeding.

If we try and don’t have a major success, we still will have a minor one. We will have been courageous enough to make the attempt. We will have placed faith in ourselves and the divine that life will be good, rich, and satisfying.

Today’s message encourages me to be positive and brave when facing the unknown. When I believe in myself and my ability to achieve and manifest, I am well along the path toward success.

Please reflect and share. What goal have you been afraid to attempt so far?