Little kindnesses, big love.

When we love someone, we may feel the need to prove our love. We may think that proof should be made via grand gestures. A special vacation, expensive jewelry or watches, pricey tools, a vehicle—all these are material gestures on a larger scale that we might make.

While the initial impact of these big gives is certainly grand, it may fade and be forgotten quickly. Our gifts may be taken for granted over time.

However, ongoing small gifts or kindnesses may have a more lasting effect. Cooking a special dinner, taking out the garbage, a backrub, kind words in a troubled time all don’t required major effort on our part. But repeated on a regular basis, they create a climate of love and caring.

Today’s message invites me to be kind on the regular. Ongoing love and caring for another helps create a good life for both of us.

Please reflect and share. What small kindness have you offered someone today?