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Wow101 is the basic class in joy and amazing coincidences that is our everyday life as part of the sharing. Every day miracles and fantastically cool things go on around us. Most often we don’t notice and miss out on the fun, because we are stuck in the separation consciousness mindset that says life is difficult and we only can rely on ourselves.

As we begin to acknowledge our divine interconnection in all that is, we begin to notice  amazing things are happening in our lives. When we are grateful for the astounding blessings the sharing provides in daily life, the power of serendipity will gift us with yet more wonderful and surprising things. Thankfully expecting to be gifted with beauty and richness, we will not be disappointed. All of creation is waiting to help us achieve our dreams, we just have to be willing to own our divine interconnected nature.

Come join me in the fun! Post your delicious coincidences and help us all share in the collective wow.

6 thoughts on “WOW 101”

  1. Last Sunday morning, I had a long and luscious meditation that showed me more clearly how I am interconnected with other beings. When it was done, I felt drawn to look out the window at our gingko tree. Perched on a branch, staring intently at me was a Cooper’s hawk. Her eyes bored into me and she was totally unafraid and willing to communicate. I went outside and stood below the tree; she remained with me for about 15 minutes, sharing her existence with me. She continued to look directly at me and made a few soft noises. I feel so blessed by her trust!

  2. Over the weekend of Sep 20 — 23, I offered free download of the e-book version of “The Sharing: The Owner’s Manual for Being Human”. I reached out to friends and family to ask for help in getting wings for the book..The response was astounding! Folks posted on facebook and forwarded emails. Friends contacted their friends. As a result, the e-book is now in the virtual hands of hundreds and hundreds and hundreds of individuals. I feel so blessed! Thank you for all your help:)

  3. Announcing a new blog of diverse voices on the topic of living in concordance with Spirit. The blog is hosted by gifted astrologer and discoverer of the Harmonic Concordance, Johnny Mirehiel, and will encompass varied topics such as Animal Communication (by yours truly), The Ascended Life, Crystal Healing, Spirit at the Crossings, The Field Surveys, Forgiveness, The Self Healing Self, Medicine Ways, Revealing the Mystery, Right Action, Shamanic Explorations, Spirit in Business, Tantra, The Teachers of the Universal Mind, and Water Consciousness. Hilarion will post there from time to time as well, with a little help from me. A new voice will write on their chosen topic each week, so there will be plenty of variety and interesting, thought-provoking material. I invite you to bookmark the page and check back weekly. The blog kicks off this week with my post about how my cat Beauregard trained me in animal communication. Check it out. You may find Beau’s teaching methods amusing. Thanks for your interest!

  4. Monday morning started out trying. Two of my cats managed to get off leash simultaneously. I was frantically combing the yard for them, hoping both were okay. I found the first with a dead baby wren. I hustled him inside, and the second missing feline charged in the door right behind him.

    I went to the garage to get gloves and a trowel to do the honors and bury the dead baby bird. As I walked across my driveway, I was swooped by a female cardinal, who dropped something just in front of me. She landed in a nearby bush and addressed a string of chattering at me. I didn’t get it at first, but finally understood she wanted me to have her “present”. I looked down to see a dead hatchling with only vestigal feathers and unopened eyes. She must have sensed my burial vibe and wanted her baby to be honored too. It reminded me of the scene in Monty Python and the Holy Grail: “Bring out your dead.” It also showed me the power of synchronicity.

  5. In May, Hilarion prodded me to buy a metal tongue drum on eBay. I had no clue why, but I knew I needed to make the purchase, right there and then. When the package arrived on my porch, I unpacked the drum immediately and started to noodle around. The drum is tuned to a Lydian scale in the key of F. The tones are soothing and pleasant. You can’t hit a wrong note; it all sounds good.

    The day it arrived I used it to help open a gate to the other side for a friends beloved Boston Terrier. More recently I took it with me on a hospice visit to my aunt. She died peacefully a week and a half later.

    I don’t understand all the whys and hows, but I know the tones of the drum have the power to ease the heart and soul and can help draw a closer connection with Spirit. I’m grateful for Hilarion’s prodding and the power of music in my life.

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